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Top 10 Network Marketing Company in India

best mlm company in india 2017

It’s a Chinese company selling health products founded in 1992 by Lee Kum Kee Group. They have branches in many Asian countries and are expanding to new markets. Recently, Infinitus appeared in Kazakhstan (2020), the Philippines (2019), and Thailand (2018). Their annual revenue reaches $4.5 billion and keeps growing thanks to correctly chosen marketing efforts.

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Affiliate Software Market Share Size 2023 : Top Players, Market ….

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As a Mi Lifestyle independent distributor, you work on your own terms, reap great financial rewards and live a lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Over 3000 sales outlets are spread across India, with a revenue of more than INR 500 crores for the financial year 2022. RCM sells anything from FMCG to stationary, from computers and electronics to apparel, footwear, and plasticware. The fantastic thing about the Company is that it became a source of employment during the pandemic. Along with people’s satisfaction, the business also made a lot of profits.

What is Network Marketing?

It is the largest direct selling company in Europe with 3 million independent sales consultants around the world. I am personally a big fan of their products that’s why I have included their name in my list of best direct selling companies in India. Established in 1996, Modicare focussed on the philosophy of enhancing, engaging, and empowering people’s lives. It sells products related to wellness, skincare, personal care, home care, food and beverages, watches, tech, jewelry, and others.

Although they charge a one-time fee but they have a lucrative compensation plan which will give you two bonuses. Not to forget that Avon is the second-largest beauty company in the world with 6.4 million employees working globally. The company has not disclosed many details about their business plan on its website. Also, they are having a bunch of negative reviews on various MLM forums and groups.

International Marketing Corporation

Apart from lucrative commissions, the company also gives tons of bonuses and exciting rewards to their top-performing partners. So, if you have good experience in this field and want to start your own business, then Avon is the place to be at. Currently, the company is having 300 Products in 12 Categories viz. Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Colour Cosmetics, Homecare, Laundry Care, Personal care, Skin Care and more. In this blog post, I have curated the list of the top 15 MLM companies in India.

  • Although they have something for men, female goods are their primary direction.
  • They must also represent a crystal-clear understanding of the legal requirements in every country where business is conducted.
  • Lack of corporate experience is another reason why MLM companies fail.
  • As of August 2022, Amway consists of 550K+ distributors from India where 60% of these distributors are women.

With 818 district distributors, 5913 outlets, and 27 state distributors nationwide, I.M.C. sales totaled 318 Crore. I.M.C. has expanded significantly during the past ten years to become India’s top producer of herbal and Ayurvedic goods. Dr. Ashok Bhatia has already won the 2017 L.M.A. Sohan Lal Pahwa Award for Emerging S.M.E. But to be a legal direct selling entity, companies have to follow center and state direct selling guidelines, which mandate incorporation under MCA and DPIIT. The products and services of the majority of MLM companies are not up to the mark.

Legal Direct Selling (MLM) Company List in India

So why are network marketing companies so often painted as unethical? Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad apples out there posing as legitimate MLM companies to extort money from unsuspecting customers while offering nothing of value in return. This company provides a range of commodities, from personal care & wellness to food & beverage. Mark R. Hughes launched Herbalife in 1980 in Los Angeles, California, where it still has its headquarters. Herbalife hires almost 10,000 people worldwide and has nearly 4.5 million members.

  • With more than $5.57 billion annual sales in the year 2020, Avon has proved the fact that it is one of the most profitable MLM companies in the beauty and skincare segment.
  • Whereas in network marketing, most join for the opportunity and eventually become a customer.
  • We offer binary MLM software, MLM income calculator and a wide range of MLM software solutions in India.
  • One of the flagship products of Forever Living Products is their aloe vera gel, which is marketed as a natural remedy for various ailments such as digestive issues, skin problems, and inflammation.

As of 2019 Hindustan Unilever’s portfolio had 35 product brands in 20 categories. The company has 18,000 employees and clocked sales of ₹34,619 crores in FY2017–18. Dewsoft is an online learning portal that offers tons of skill development courses related to HTML, coding, programming digital marketing, excel and a lot more.

In addition to this distinctive free product feature, the company offers over 200 products that can span every market category. It also provides most of the FMCG category products at affordable prices. The company has generated a substantial profit of $9.5 billion (2015).

Compensation Plan

It means that one distributor can have up to two sellers on the first level of sales. When you agree to join a network marketing firm, you must purchase a product. You will then become a business partner who must recruit more business partners and sell the product to them to profit well. Now that a new partner is brought on board with every transaction, a new network is created.

best mlm company in india 2017

Networking marketing is all about offering services on a one-to- one basis. You deal with people directly on a personal level where you help them discover their goals and dreams. Then you provide them your support to help them achieve their goals with the help of your business. When you are interacting with a prospect, the focus should be on their requirements, not yours.

So, it’s essential to consider whether MLM is right for you before you join one. Friends, today I am going to share a list of direct selling companies which are the Government of India certified companies. The Government of India has so far registered 461 Network Marketing Companies. The names of 461 companies best mlm company in india 2017 in this list are registered by their CIN Number, the date of registration of the company, the company which state and the head office of the company are on it. So now you can see whether your company comes in this list or not. If your company is not on this list then it will be your bad luck.

best mlm company in india 2017

The company’s revenue in India is between INR 1cr – and 100cr for the financial year 2022. Here, you will receive both business class and immediate benefits. Additionally, you can receive PD (Performance Discount) after reaching a specified level of sales.

Designing for Scalability: How to Build Products That Can Grow with Your Business

You can easily become a partner of Oriflame and earn a stable income, be your own boss and work according to your own terms and conditions. My mom is a great fan of Tupperware products and we extensively used their products in the late 90s. Tuffin boxes, food containers, water bottles were the most used Tupperware products by me and my family.

The company saves money on overhead because they don’t have to operate retail stores and pay salaries. IRs get to become their own bosses, set their own hours, and invest as much or as little time and money as they want. In addition, QNET provides representatives with education and tools that will help them to make sales so that everyone can profit. When representatives feel confident about the products they are buying and selling, they have a greater opportunity to succeed and the company enjoys greater brand recognition. Vestige’s direct selling business model has enabled the company to reach out to customers across India through a network of over 2 million distributors.

best mlm company in india 2017

Among the companies core product line includes Chinese medicinal products, instant coffee and other herbal products. They have not yet created a proper business website and also their website is not secured by an SSL certificate which creates suspiciousness. In order to start an MLM business with them, you need to register with them as a DXN Distributor and pay a one-time registration fee.

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