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City of Toronto Park Access Agreement

The City of Toronto Park Access Agreement is an important document that outlines the terms and conditions for using the city`s parks and green spaces. If you`re planning on using one of Toronto`s parks for an event, gathering, or just a casual outing, it`s important to be aware of and abide by this agreement.

One of the key features of the Park Access Agreement is the requirement for users to obtain a permit for certain activities. If you`re planning on hosting a large event such as a concert or festival, you`ll need to apply for a special event permit. Similarly, if you`re planning on using a sports field or court, you`ll need to obtain a permit for that specific facility.

The agreement also outlines rules and regulations for using the parks and green spaces in a safe and respectful manner. For example, you`re not allowed to damage any park property, disturb or harm wildlife, or engage in any activities that may pose a risk to others.

The Park Access Agreement also encourages users to be environmentally conscious when using the parks. This includes properly disposing of waste, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, and respecting any designated protected areas or habitats.

In addition to these guidelines, the agreement also includes provisions for enforcing the rules and regulations. If you`re found to be in violation of the agreement, you may face fines or other consequences.

Overall, the City of Toronto Park Access Agreement seeks to ensure that Toronto`s parks and green spaces are used in a safe, respectful, and environmentally conscious manner. By following the guidelines outlined in this agreement, we can all work together to preserve these beautiful spaces for generations to come.